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The Panama Hat Company has provided finely woven, hand-made Panama Hats in the historic heart of old St. Augustine, Florida since 1985. { Find out more }

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Borsalino fur felt hats from Italy

Custom Fedora
Copa Airlines Copa Airlines

Our Custom Fedora worn by the CEO of Copa Airlines (pictured here with the Mayor of Tampa) in the Tampa International Airport

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Black Custom Fedora

Custom Fedora

Classic Fedora Panama

Panama Hats & Fedoras

The Panama hat in the shape of the classic fedora is one of the most popular forms of headwear for both men and women. The Panama Hat Company's genuine Panama hats are handmade of a special straw giving them a smooth linen feel. The hats are then shaped for the signature "blocked" look.

The Panama fedora hats are handmade in Ecuador. Most of the hat bodies we use are purchased directly from weaver coops, groups of women, so the money goes directly to the weavers, not middlemen.

The Panama Hat Company is a leading Panama hat supplier for customers all over the world. In addition to selling Panama hats and fedoras of all types, the Panama Hat Company also stocks stingy brim hats.

Explore this website to discover the Panama hats we have on sale for both men and women.



Our own Tony Lippi featured at

Tony Lippi is featured in a recent article over at Tony gives us some insight into the different styles and materials of available Panama hats as well as care and repair of your hats. Check it out!


We offer "Free Hat Stretching" to our customers.

Even if you don't buy one of our hats we'll still stretch yours. Please limit one per customer and be patient as this can take from 5 mins to over an hour.


Coastal Living Magazine

Does Grandpas hat need to be brought back to life?

We recommend 3 well known and experienced Hat Blockers that offer hat cleaning and blocking services. They are the last of a dyeing breed so please spread the word!


Vince Corvelli - A Third generation hat blocker in Washington D.C. Vince comes from a famous line of Hatters and he has blocked hats for many famous people like Prince and many well known Politicians in the D.C. area.

Pascal Baboulin -
144 So. C Street, P.O. Box 421 Virginia City, NV 89440

Steve Johnston
Bethesda, GA
(404) 824-3551

Coastal Living Magazine

Custom Fedora featured in COASTAL LIVING MAGAZINE

Panama Hat's Natural Custom Fedora is featured in the September 2010 issue of COASTAL LIVING MAGAZINE.

Check out the pdf




Tony Lippi

Good Charlotte gives shout out to Panama Hat Co.

Check out the friendly shout out from Good Charlotte at the very end of this self-made YouTube video during their recent performance at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre.




Tony Lippi

Hatmaker specializes in custom work, styles

He molds hats by hand and employs scarce weavers in Ecuador.


ST. AUGUSTINE - In order to spin new life into an old hat, all it takes is an iron, some steam - and years of long-lost training, according to one retailer.

Tony Lippi, a St. Augustine hatmaker and retailer, is trying to keep the art of molding the perfect fedora by hand - not machine - alive with his shop, the Panama Hat Co. Since taking over the St. George Street storefront from his parents in 2002, Lippi has made it his mission to do custom hat manufacturing the old-fashioned way, as well as using independent weavers in Ecuador for some of the more coveted, handmade designs.

"We are very specialized in those hard-to-find styles," Lippi said. "There are very few weavers left that make the hats we sell."

Using heated elements such as an iron and steam, Lippi can transform an existing hat into an entirely different shape or style using wooden molds called "blocks." Lippi has four to five dozen of these - mostly antiques culled on eBay or defunct manufacturers - in his shop.

"Blocking is all about reshaping and customizing, taking an old hat and making a new hat," he said. "If you brought me a fedora, I could steam iron it into anything."

With his tools, he can smooth the knifelike creases in a gambler-style fedora into the smooth dome of a derby hat, "just like a jeweler does for all its clients." { more }

Panama Hat Company
Panama Hat Company
Panama Hat Company
Panama Hat Company
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